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Proinflammatory responses are efficiently induced by homotrimeric but not heterotrimeric lymphotoxin ligands

PS Hochman, GR Majeau, F Mackay, JL Browning



The cytokine, lymphotoxin [LT, tumor necrosis factor beta (TNF beta)] is a potent mediator of proinflammatory and tumoricidal activities. Soluble lymphotoxin is a complex of three LT alpha chains. Its receptors, TNF-R55 and TNF-R75, bind in clefts formed by adjacent identical LT alpha monomers. LT also exists as membrane anchored heterotrimers comprised of LT alpha and LT beta chains. The major and minor membrane forms, LT alpha 1 beta 2 and LT alpha 2 beta 1, respectively, bind a unique receptor, LT beta-R. As LT alpha 2 beta 1 expresses an LT alpha-alpha cleft, it also binds TNF-R. In this report we have compared the effects of ligand engagement of TNF-R and LT beta-R by evaluating the abi..

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