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Histologic evaluation of inguinoscrotal migration of the gubernaculum in rodents during testicular descent and its relationship to the genitofemoral nerve

ME Fallat, MPL Williams, PJ Farmer, JM Hutson

Pediatric Surgery International | Published : 1992


This study was designed to readdress the role of mechanical factors in testicular descent in rodents, with specific attention to the role of the genitofemoral nerve in this process. In a group of newborn rats, the genitofemoral nerve was divided unilaterally and a histologic comparison done of gubernacular and scrotal growth and development and testicular movement between sides. In all animals at birth, the gubernaculum and scrotum were poorly developed bilaterally and the distal gubernaculum was located in the groin and was not attached to the scrotum. The testis was located at or above the inguinal ring. With post-natal maturation, the processus vaginalis and gubernaculum advanced beyond t..

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