Journal article

Developmental aspects of bladder contractile function: evidence for an intracellular calcium pool.

SA Zderic, U Sillen, GH Liu, H Snyder, JW Duckett, AJ Wein, RM Levin

J Urol | Published : 1993


Recent studies indicate that specific functional changes in smooth muscle accompany development and that these functional differences may relate to developmental alterations in intracellular calcium content. The possibility that neonatal bladder smooth muscle might be more permeable to calcium ions was tested using the radioligand H3 PN-200 and subsequent Scatchard analyses. No differences in either receptor density or the dissociation constants were noted in comparisons between neonatal and mature rabbit bladder smooth muscle. The sensitivity to calcium in isolated bladder smooth muscle strips exposed to high potassium was tested following calcium depletion. Calcium repletion was performed ..

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