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Shift reagent enhanced concurrent 23Na and 1H magnetic resonance spectroscopic studies of transcellular sodium distribution in the dog brain in vivo.

SM Eleff, IJ Mclennan, GK Hart, Y Maruki, RJ Traystman, RC Koehler

Magn Reson Med | Published : 1993


The intracellular to extracellular sodium distribution is one of the primary determinants of action potentials necessary for the electrical function of organs such as brain, heart and skeletal muscle. The ability of shift reagent enhanced 23Na MRS to directly measure the intracellular and extracellular sodium distribution in brain is controversial and centers on the relative contributions of bulk magnetic susceptibility and hyperfine interactions to the observed chemical shifts. In this study, infusion of dysprosium (III) triethylenetetraminehexacetate (Dy(TTHA)-3), resulted in a 23Na MRS spectrum of dog brain with two well resolved peaks at 9 and 0.4 ppm. The 9 ppm peak corresponded to the ..

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