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High-resolution measurement of the [Formula Presented] reaction to excited states for [Formula Presented]

A Kuzin, RP Rassool, MN Thompson, JO Adler, K Fissum, K Hansen, L Isaksson, M Lundin, B Nilsson, H Ruijter, B Schröder, JRM Annand, GI Crawford, JC McGeorge, J Gregel, J Ryckebusch

Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Published : 1998


Relative population of states in [Formula Presented] following the [Formula Presented] reaction has been measured with high resolution using the deexcitation γ-ray technique. The states near 7 MeV in [Formula Presented] are clearly resolved and the measured population clarifies earlier conflicting data. Comparison of the results with new calculations indicates the importance of both one-nucleon and multinucleon processes. © 1998 The American Physical Society.

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