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15N photoneutron cross section.

AD Bates, RP Rassool, EA Milne, MN Thompson, KG McNeill

Phys Rev C Nucl Phys | Published : 1989


Two independent measurements of the N15(,n) reaction cross section have been made using both an enriched-gas target, and one of (15NH4)2SO4. The results are self-consistent, but reveal discrepancies with an earlier measurement of this cross section, particularly in the giant dipole resonance region, and with a measurement of the N15(,n0) cross section. These discrepancies are discussed and in general resolved. The results are used in conjunction with other isospin-selective reactions data on N15 to elucidate the isospin distribution of E1 states in N15. © 1989 The American Physical Society.

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