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Effects of antimetabolite induced cellular growth arrest on fibroblast-fibroblast interactions.

JT Daniels, NL Occleston, JG Crowston, PT Khaw

Exp Eye Res | Published : 1999


The use of single five-minute applications of antimetabolites during glaucoma filtration surgery has significantly reduced the occurrence of post-operative scarring and bleb failure. However, surgery for some patients is still unsuccessful, despite the use of antiproliferative agents, due to formation of scar tissue at the drainage site. It is not known if cells growth arrested in the treated area with a single application of antimetabolites influence the activity of adjacent non-treated cells. We hypothesise that the activity of non-treated cells recruited to the wound site may be involved in post-operative scarring. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of antimetabolite ind..

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