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Understanding and controlling the scarring response: the contribution of histology and microscopy.

JT Daniels, NL Occleston, JG Crowston, MF Cordeiro, RA Alexander, M Wilkins, R Porter, R Brown, PT Khaw

Microsc Res Tech | Published : 1998


In response to injury, the body usually initiates a full and swift wound healing response resulting in reconstructed, repaired tissue. In certain instances, due to a variety of factors, this may not happen, an example being chronic granulating venous leg ulcers. At the other extreme, the wound may heal excessively, producing disabling hypertrophic scarring such as can occur following large, deep burn injuries. Our group is interested in the surgical treatment of the eye disease glaucoma. As will be explained, the successful surgical treatment of this disease depends on a reduced scarring response at the end of wound healing. The purpose of this article is to give an overview of our microscop..

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