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Pharmacological mydriasis and optic disc examination.

JF Kirwan, P Gouws, AE Linnell, J Crowston, C Bunce

Br J Ophthalmol | Published : 2000


AIM: To determine whether pharmacological mydriasis leads to a significant difference in interobserver agreement of optic disc measurement compared with examination without mydriasis. METHOD: A cross sectional study was performed with a pair of observers examining the optic disc of two randomised groups of patients, one group before diagnostic mydriasis, and the other afterwards. Horizontal and vertical disc diameters and cup/disc ratios were measured with a 78 dioptre lens. The study was repeated with another observer pair and two further groups of patients. RESULTS: In study A 86 subjects were examined in total (52 without and 34 with mydriasis). In study B 87 subjects were examined (45 wi..

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