Conference Proceedings

T-lymphocyte-fibroblast interactions.

JG Crowston, M Salmon, PT Khaw, AN Akbar

Biochem Soc Trans | Published : 1997


At the end of the immune response, activated T-cells are cleared by apoptosis. T-cell apoptosis induced by cytokine deprivation can be inhibited by the addition of exogenous cytokines or by a fibroblast-derived survival factor. Under normal circumstances, fibroblast-mediated T-cell survival may allow persistence of a small number of primed T-cells in tissues, which can be reactivated to initiate a secondary immune response. In abnormal situations, fibroblast-mediated T-cell survival may lead to the persistence of large numbers of T-cells producing a chronic inflammatory state. Evidence derived from wound healing suggests that a bidirectional interaction is possible, and T-cells are also capa..

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