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Electrogastrography in chronic intestinal pseudoobstruction.

HS Debinski, S Ahmed, PJ Milla, MA Kamm

Dig Dis Sci | Published : 1996


This study aimed to characterize the disturbance of gastric electrical control activity in chronic intestinal pseudoobstruction (CIP) and to determine whether surface electrogastrography (EGG) could be used to diagnose the presence and type of CIP. Gastric electrical control activity was recorded for 30 min in each of the fasting and fed states by EGG in 14 adults with CIP proven on clinical, radiological, and histological grounds, and in 14 age- and sex-matched controls. Electrical activity was recorded from four pairs of Ag-AgCl bipolar skin electrodes, the captured signal amplified and digitalized, and running spectral analysis performed. The dominant frequency and power of spectrum were ..

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