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Dynamic cystoproctography and physiological testing in women with urinary stress incontinence and urogenital prolapse.

S Halligan, C Spence-Jones, MA Kamm, CI Bartram

Clin Radiol | Published : 1996


In order to determine the frequency of posterior compartment pathology in females with anterior and middle compartment pelvic floor weakness, 10 women with urinary stress incontinence and 10 women with uterovaginal prolapse underwent detailed review of their history and clinical findings, and were studied by simultaneous evacuation proctography and cystography. Radiological findings were correlated with anorectal physiological testing. Considerable symptom overlap and occult defaecatory symptoms were revealed. The combined radiological examination visualized cystocoele, enterocoele, rectocoele and rectal intussusception, and diagnosed higher degree prolapse than did clinical examination. The..

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