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Disturbed gastric emptying in the short bowel syndrome. Evidence for a 'colonic brake'.

JM Nightingale, MA Kamm, JR van der Sijp, GP Morris, ER Walker, SJ Mather, KE Britton, JE Lennard-Jones

Gut | Published : 1993


Gastric emptying of liquid (orange juice containing technetium-99m (99mTc) labelled antimony sulphide colloid) and solid (570 kcal pancake containing 0.5 mm resin microspheres labelled with Indium-111 (111-In)) was measured in seven patients with jejunum and no colon (jejunal lengths 30-160 cm), six patients with jejunum in continuity with the colon (jejunal length 25-75 cm), and in 12 normal subjects. In patients with no colon early emptying of liquid was rapid (median 25% emptying: 7 v 25 min, no colon v normal, p < 0.05); early gastric emptying of solid was rapid in two (each with less than 100 cm jejunum) and normal in the other five. Gastric emptying of liquid and solid for patients wit..

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