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Ambulatory pouch and anal motility in patients with ileo-anal reservoirs.

MD Levitt, MA Kamm, JR van der Sijp, RJ Nicholls

Int J Colorectal Dis | Published : 1994


Twelve patients were studied for a median of 18 hours (range 8.5-21.5 hr) by continuous, ambulatory, simultaneous pouch and anal manometry 10-85 months after restorative proctocolectomy. Two main patterns of motility were observed: (1) Large isolated contractions up to 68 cm H2O in amplitude and up to 67 seconds in duration were present in ten patients. These were often associated with the urge to defaecate and were more frequent before defaecation than after but did not appear to be associated with expulsion of faeces from the pouch. In two patients atypical large isolated contractions up to 378 cm H2O in amplitude were observed. (2) Rhythmic contractions at a frequency of 7-11 per minute a..

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