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Effect of different infusion regimens on colonic motility and efficacy of colostomy irrigation.

JM Gattuso, MA Kamm, C Myers, B Saunders, A Roy

Br J Surg | Published : 1996


The colonic motility response and short-term clinical effectiveness of colonic irrigation was studied in five patients with an end-colostomy, each of whom was studied on up to six occasions, using volumes of 500 and 1500 ml water infused under gravity and over a period of 2.5 and 5 min with a pump. The median baseline colonic luminal pressure was 14 cmH2O and rose to 42 cmH2O with a 500-ml infusion, and to 74 cmH2O with a 1500-ml infusion. Irrigation induced high-pressure (over 200 cmH2O) propagated waves which caused the efflux of colonic contents. These were more numerous after a 1500- than a 500-ml infusion (median 4.5 versus 2.0 respectively). There was no difference between the two volu..

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