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A proposal for developing a large patient population cohort for longterm safety monitoring in rheumatoid arthritis. OMERACT Drug Safety Working Party.

JA Lipani, V Strand, K Johnson, T Woodworth, D Furst, G Singh, R Day, P Brooks, undefined OMERACT Drug Safety Working Party

J Rheumatol | Published : 2001


This paper proposes the creation of an objectively acquired reference database to more accurately characterize the incidence and longterm risk of relatively infrequent, but serious, adverse events. Such a database would be maintained longitudinally to provide for ongoing comparison with new rheumatologic drug safety databases collecting the occurrences and treatments of rare events. We propose the establishment of product-specific registries to prospectively follow a cohort of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who receive newly approved therapies. In addition, a database is required of a much larger cohort of RA patients treated with multiple second line agents of sufficient size to en..

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