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Expansion of hemopoietic activity in long-term culture of human bone marrow by c-kit ligand (stem cell factor).

F Firkin, J Dunlop, I Bertoncello

Growth Factors | Published : 1993


The response of hemopoietic activity in long term culture of human bone marrow (LTMC) to exogenous c-kit ligand has been investigated. Addition of c-kit ligand as recombinant Stem Cell Factor after the adherent stromal cell layer had become confluent failed to increase the content of hemopoietic cells in the culture system. Production of hemopoietic progenitors and differentiated progeny was on the other hand amplified by addition of c-kit ligand at regular intervals from the initiation of the culture, and resulted in net formation of these cells in the culture system. The characteristics of the response were consistent with consequences of increased survival of hemopoietic progenitors durin..

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