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Calbindin28kDa is specifically associated with extranuclear constituents of the dense particulate fraction.

RJ Sayer, CI Turnbull, MJ Hubbard

Cell Tissue Res | Published : 2000


Recent attempts to understand the function of calbindin28kDa, a widely expressed calcium-binding protein, are confounded by uncertainties over its subcellular location. Using immunoblot analysis of rat brain subregions, we found that the proportion of particulate calbindin28kDa (24-43% of total) was independent of expression level and location. The association of calbindin28kDa with particulate structures appeared to be specific, since it persisted when soluble calbindin28kDa was sequestered by antibodies added before tissue disruption. Moreover, when exogenous calbindin28kDa was added during homogenisation of brain from calbindin28kDa-nullmutant mice, only 10% partitioned to the particulate..

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