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Characterization of a high-affinity monoclonal antibody to calcineurin whose epitope defines a new structural domain of calcineurin A.

MJ Hubbard, CB Klee

Eur J Biochem | Published : 1989


Monoclonal antibodies have been raised against native calcineurin using conventional in vivo immunization and hybridoma procedures. The relatively high affinity of nonimmune IgG for the two subunits of calcineurin resulted in large nonspecific binding values for immunoassays of native, dissociated and denatured calcineurin, which complicated the antibody screening. Monoclonal aCn5, a high-affinity IgG1 that exhibits specific binding, was characterized. Other calmodulin-binding proteins tested were not recognized by aCn5. Simple binding properties were exhibited in solid-phase experiments, Kd = 26 (+/- 4) pM, but the stoichiometry was low. The loss of immunoreactivity after denaturation of ca..

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