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Mitochondrial ATP synthase F1-beta-subunit is a calcium-binding protein.

MJ Hubbard, NJ McHugh

FEBS Letters | Published : 1996


Mitochondrial ATP synthase is responsive to changes in cytosolic calcium concentration, but the regulatory mechanisms are unclear. Here we identified a major 52 kDa calcium-binding protein in rat enamel cells as the mitochondrial ATP synthase F1-beta-subunit. The F1-beta-subunit behaved as a low affinity and moderate capacity calcium-binding protein during comparative 45Ca overlay analyses. Equivalent behavior was shown by the F1-beta-subunit from rat liver mitochondria, but not by the homologous F1-alpha-subunit, supporting the specificity of calcium binding. Evidence that the catalytic F1-beta-subunit binds calcium specifically introduces new mechanistic possibilities for regulating ATP sy..

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