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Discounting of money and sex: effects of commodity and temporal position in stimulant-dependent men and women.

David P Jarmolowicz, Reid D Landes, Darren R Christensen, Bryan A Jones, Lisa Jackson, Richard Yi, Warren K Bickel

Addictive Behaviors | Published : 2014


Research on delay discounting has contributed to the understanding of numerous addiction-related phenomena. For example, studies have shown that substance dependent individuals discount their addictive substances (e.g., cocaine) more rapidly than they do other commodities (e.g., money). Recent research has shown that substance dependent individuals discount delayed sex more rapidly than delayed money, and their discounting rates for delayed sex were higher than those of non-addicted individuals. The particular reason that delay discounting rates for sex are higher than those for money, however, are unclear. Do individuals discount delayed sex rapidly because immediate sex is particularly app..

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