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Does Context Matter? A Multi-Method Assessment of Affect in Adolescent Depression Across Multiple Affective Interaction Contexts.

Benjamin W Nelson, Michelle L Byrne, Lisa Sheeber, Nicholas B Allen

Clin Psychol Sci | Published : 2017


This study utilized a multi-method approach (self-reported affect, observed behavior, and psychophysiology) to investigate differences between clinically depressed and non-depressed adolescents across three different affective interaction contexts with their parents. 152 adolescents (52 males, 14-18 y.o.), and their parents, participated in a laboratory session in which they discussed positive and negative aspects of their relationship, and reminisced on positive and negative memories. We found that across contexts depressed adolescents exhibited higher negative affect and behaviors, lower positive behaviors, and greater autonomic and sympathetic activity. Context specific findings indicated..

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Awarded by NIMH NIH HHS

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