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Hematopoietic-specific genes are not induced during in vitro differentiation of scl-null embryonic stem cells

AG Elefanty, L Robb, R Birner, CG Begley

BLOOD | W B SAUNDERS CO | Published : 1997


The helix-loop-helix transcription factor, scl, plays an essential role in hematopoietic development. Embryos in which the gene has been disrupted fail to develop yolk sac erythropoiesis, and scl-null embryonic stem cells do not contribute to hematopoiesis in chimeric mice. To analyze the molecular consequences of scl deficiency, we compared the gene expression profiles of control (wild-type and scl-heterozygous) and scl-null embryonic stem cells differentiated in vitro for up to 12 days. In control and scl-null embryoid bodies the temporal expression pattern of genes associated with the formation of ventral mesoderm, such as Brachyury, bone morphogenetic protein-4, and flk-1, was identical...

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