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Genome-wide functional analysis reveals central signaling regulators of lymphatic endothelial cell migration and remodeling

Steven P Williams, Adam F Odell, Tara Karnezis, Rae H Farnsworth, Cathryn M Gould, Jason Li, Sophie Paquet-Fifield, Nicole C Harris, Anne Walter, Julia L Gregory, Sara F Lamont, Ruofei Liu, Elena A Takano, Cameron J Nowell, Neil I Bower, Daniel Resnick, Gordon K Smyth, Leigh Coultas, Benjamin M Hogan, Stephen B Fox Show all

Science Signaling | AMER ASSOC ADVANCEMENT SCIENCE | Published : 2017


Funding Acknowledgements

We thank M. Macheda and S. Roufail for technical assistance, D. Thomas and Y. Handoko for screening assistance, K. Amarasinghe for bioinformatics assistance, and P. Kaur (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre) for providing primary human dermal fibroblasts. We also thank J. Taylor for assistance in generating the figures. Funding: This work was funded partly by a program grant from the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC). S.A.S. and M.G.A. were supported by Senior Research Fellowships from the NHMRC. S.A.S. acknowledges the support of the Pfizer Australia Fellowship. S.P.W. received a Doctoral Research Scholarship from the National Breast Cancer Foundation. N.C.H. and R.L. received a Melbourne Research Scholarship from the University of Melbourne. G.K.S. was supported by an NHMRC Program Grant and Fellowship. S.N.M. and L.C. were supported by Future Fellowships from the Australian Research Council. The Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics was funded by the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, the Victorian Department of Industry, Innovation, and Regional Development, the Australian Phenomics Network supported by funding from the Australian Government's Education Investment Fund through the Super Science Initiative, the Australasian Genomics Technologies Association, the Jack Brockhoff Foundation, and the Peter MacCallum Foundation.