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Atypical Neuronal Activation During a Spatial Working Memory Task in 13-Year-Old Very Preterm Children

Pia-Maria SH Arthursson, Deanne K Thompson, Megan Spencer-Smith, Jian Chen, Tim Silk, Lex W Doyle, Peter J Anderson

HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING | WILEY | Published : 2017


Children born very preterm (VP; C and BS > FS, respectively. There were no significant group differences in neuronal activation for FS > C. However, BS > FS revealed that VP children had significantly greater activation in the left middle frontal gyrus, in the left superior parietal gyrus and right cerebellar tonsil, and significantly less activation in the right precentral and postcentral gyrus and left insula compared with controls. Taken together these results suggest that VP children at 13 years of age show an atypical neuronal activation during spatial WM, specifically related to manipulation of spatial information in WM. It is unclear whether these findings reflect delayed maturation a..

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Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council: Centre for Research Excellence

Funding Acknowledgements

National Health and Medical Research Council: Centre for Research Excellence; Contract grant numbers: 1060733, 1066555, 1081288, 1085754; Contract grant sponsor: Murdoch Childrens Research institute; Contract grant sponsor: Royal Children's Hospital; Contract grant sponsor: The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation; Contract grant sponsor: Department of Paediatrics, The University of Melbourne; Contract grant sponsor: Victorian Government's Operational Infrastructure Support Program.