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Ventricular dysfunction following direct-current shock atrioventricular junction ablation.

RJ Warren, JK Vohra, W Chan, M Lichtenstein, HG Mond, D Hunt

Aust N Z J Med | Published : 1991


Catheter-induced His bundle ablation for refractory supraventricular arrhythmias is most commonly performed with direct-current shock energy of 200-300 joules. The high energy pulse delivered by direct-current shock produces a lesion in the atrioventricular node by fulguration, with the residual energy being dissipated as a pressure wave. The effect of direct-current shock His bundle ablation on global and regional ventricular function was assessed in 14 consecutive patients by radionuclide ventriculography performed before and after ablation and again three months later. All studies were performed with ventricular pacing at 110 bpm. Global left ventricular ejection fraction was found to be ..

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