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Rate responsive pacing using a minute ventilation sensor.

H Mond, N Strathmore, P Kertes, D Hunt, G Baker

Pacing Clin Electrophysiol | Published : 1988


Minute ventilation, the product of respiratory rate and tidal volume, correlates directly with oxygen consumption, cardiac output, and heart rate. An implantable pacemaker has been developed which allows variation in pacing rate in response to measured changes in minute ventilation. This single chamber system measures transthoracic impedance between the tip electrode of a standard bipolar lead and the pulse generator case. Low amplitude current pulses (1 mA for 15 microseconds) are generated each 50 msec between the the ring electrode and the case. In the adaptive mode, the pulse generator calculates a rate response factor or slope after maximal exercise. This slope, which describes the rela..

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