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Should public displays be interactive? Evaluating the impact of interactivity on audience engagement

M Veenstra, N Wouters, M Kanis, S Brandenburg, KT Raa, B Wigger, A Vande Moere

Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Pervasive Displays - PerDis '15 | ACM | Published : 2015


This paper describes a comparative case study that aims to uncover the quantifiable differences between noninteractive and interactive public displays in the urban environment. The study involved a large temporary interactive public display on a central city square showing a selection of custom-made content. We have evaluated the effect on passers-by and spectators in two conditions: 1) non-interactive (2102 passers-by, 228 viewers), by showing a content loop, and 2) interactive (1676 passers-by, 257 viewers), by adding physical pushbuttons for content selection and gaming. We discuss the influence of noninteractive and interactive public displays on: 1) attracting attention, 2) engaging peo..

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