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The Bacillus subtilis regulator protein SpoIIE shares functional and structural similarities with eukaryotic protein phosphatases 2C.

R Schroeter, S Schlisio, I Lucet, M Yudkin, R Borriss

FEMS Microbiol Lett | Published : 1999


Dephosphorylation of SpoIIAA-P by SpoIIE is strictly dependent on the presence of the bivalent metal ions Mn2+ or Mg2+. Replacement by Ala of one of the four Asp residues, invariant in all representatives of protein phosphatase 2C, completely abolished the SpoIIE phosphatase activity in vitro, whilst replacement of the Asp residues by another acidic amino acid, Glu, had varying effects on the activities of the resulting mutated proteins. D610E and D795E exhibited some residual activity while D628E and D745E were without enzymatic activity. The results suggest that the functional model in which metal-associated water molecules are involved in the dephosphorylation reaction catalyzed by human ..

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