Journal article

Genotype, phenotype, and protein structure in a regulator of sporulation: effects of mutations in the spoIIAA gene of Bacillus subtilis.

D Barillà, I Lucet, A Kuhlmann, MD Yudkin

J Bacteriol | Published : 1999


SpoIIAA, a phosphorylatable protein, is essential to the regulation of sigmaF, the first sporulation-specific transcription factor of Bacillus subtilis. The solution structure of SpoIIAA has recently been published. Here we examine four mutant SpoIIAA proteins and correlate their properties with the phenotypes of the corresponding B. subtilis mutant strains. Two of the mutations severely disrupted the structure of the protein, a third greatly diminished the rate of its phosphorylation and abolished dephosphorylation, and the fourth left phosphorylation unaffected but reduced the rate of dephosphorylation about 10-fold.

University of Melbourne Researchers