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The lanthanide-shifted N.M.R. spectra of some cyclopentadienone-cobalt complexes

RS Dickson, SH Johnson, ID Rae

Australian Journal of Chemistry | Published : 1975


The effect of the lanthanide shift reagents, Eu(fod)3 and Pr(fod)3, on the nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of some (η4-cyclopentadienone)(η- cyclopentadienyl)cobalt complexes has been investigated as an aid to structure determination in this series. The lanthanides complex with the lone pairs of the carbonyl group. Pseudocontact shifts are observed for hydrogens attached to each ring and for hydrogen atoms in substituents on the cyclopentadienone. With Eu(fod)3, contact shifts are also observed for the cyclopentadienone ring hydrogens.

University of Melbourne Researchers

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