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Hyperinsulinaemia and obesity in aborigines of south-eastern Australia, with comparisons from rural and urban Europid populations.

CS Guest, K O'Dea, JL Hopper, RG Larkins

Diabetes Res Clin Pract | Published : 1993


Diabetes is more common in Aborigines than in other Australian populations, even in groups that have lived in contact with Europids for 150 years. Prevalence data on hyperinsulinaemia and obesity from urbanized south eastern Australian Aborigines are presented with Europid comparisons. Aborigines had higher mean insulin levels than Europids. In females, mean fasting insulin was 15.5 mU/l in Aborigines, compared with 9.5 mU/l in Europids (P < 0.001). The means for males were 15.1 mU/l (Aborigines) and 8.3 (Europids) (P 30.0, compared with 37/208 (18%) Europids (P < 0.001). In males, the difference in the prevalence of obesity in Aborigines (17/69, 25%) and Europids (34/195, 17%) was not stat..

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