Journal article

Covariation between family members as a function of cohabitation history.

JL Hopper, PR Culross

Behav Genet | Published : 1983


By extending a multivariate normal model for analyzing familial aggregation in a trait across arbitrary pedigrees, Hopper and Mathews [(1982). Ann. Hum. Genet.46:373-383] showed that variations in correlations can be estimated as a function of cohabitation history. Such variations may result from the effect of shared environment, and the model allows for such an effect to cause dissimilarity in the trait values of individuals, perhaps through competition. Application to Cattell's Factor A, sizia (reserved, detached) versus affectia (outgoing, warm-hearted), measured on 597 individuals in 78 Melbourne families, reveals evidence for a small aggregating polygenic additive effect, corresponding ..

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