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Pedigree analysis of blood pressure in subjects from rural Greece and relatives who migrated to Melbourne, Australia.

JL Hopper, GT Macaskill, JW Powles, D Ktenas

Genet Epidemiol | Published : 1992


Diastolic blood pressure readings taken in 1983-1984 on 1,474 Greek individuals (628 living on the island of Levkada, 846 relatives having migrated to Melbourne, Australia) from 204 two generational pedigrees were analysed. Blood pressure was regressed as a quadratic in age by sex and migrant status, and on temperature. Variance increased with age and was greater in migrant males. The covariance between relatives in different countries was significant. Variation was modeled by a multivariate normal model for pedigree analysis in terms of genetic effects, a common environment effect, and effects particular to an individual. The genetic component was 25.9 mm Hg2, independent of sex and migrant..

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