Journal article

A comparison of changes seen on radiographs of rheumatoid arthritis patients in Australia and in China.

H Moran, SL Chen, KD Muirden, SJ Jiang, YY Gu, J Hopper, PL Jiang, G Lawler, MX Bai

Arthritis Rheum | Published : 1987


To test the hypothesis that rheumatoid arthritis in patients in China is milder in severity than that in patients in a western country, a comparison was made of 2 series of consecutive outpatients with definite or classic rheumatoid arthritis who were attending referral centers in Melbourne, Australia and Shanghai, China. This paper reports the findings on radiographs of the wrists and hands. Making allowances for age and duration of disease, changes were more frequent and severe in the Australian patient series, particularly at the metacarpophalangeal joints.