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Factors that determine the response of people with mild hypertension to a reduced sodium intake.

T Morgan, R Creed, J Hopper

Clin Exp Hypertens A | Published : 1986


One hundred and eighty-six males who had had 3 run-in visits entered the study with a supine diastolic BP 95-110 mm Hg. This was followed by 3 pretreatment and 3 post-treatment visits. One hundred and sixty patients were given advice to reduce sodium intake after visit 3, and twenty-six patients served as control. In the control group there were relatively insignificant changes between the pre and post visits. In the diet group blood pressure fell by 13/9 mm Hg; urine sodium from 168 to 85 mmol/day and plasma renin activity rose from .50 to .77 ng AI/ml/h. Regression analysis showed that the only cross-sectional correlations were PRA with age, urine sodium and plasma potassium. There were hi..

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