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A family study of panic disorder: reanalysis using a regressive logistic model that incorporates a sibship environment.

JL Hopper, FK Judd, PL Derrick, GT Macaskill, GD Burrows

Genet Epidemiol | Published : 1990


Previous analysis of affection status in parents and siblings of 117 probands with panic disorder by a log-linear model for binary pedigree data found a common concordance across biological first-degree relatives and no spouse association [Hopper JL, Judd FK, Derrick PL, Burrows GD: Genet Epidemiol 4:33-41, 1987]. In this paper the data were reanalyzed using a regressive logistic model that modelled both vertical transmission and a shared sibship environment. Ascertainment correction was made by a) an "ascertainment assumption-free" procedure, following Ewens and Shute [Theor Pop Biol 30:388-412, 1986] and compared with b) complete ascertainment and c) single ascertainment. Under every schem..

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