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Differences in drinking patterns associated with migration from a Greek island to Melbourne, Australia: a study of sibships.

JW Powles, G Macaskill, JL Hopper, D Ktenas

J Stud Alcohol | Published : 1991


Siblings (and their families) who have migrated from the Greek island of Levkada to Melbourne, Australia reported markedly lower alcohol consumption (n aged 25-74 = 846, reported consumption 16 g/d for men, 2 g/d for women) when compared with the siblings (and their family members) who stayed on the island (n = 498, 54 g/d for men, 16 g/d for women). Median time since migration exceeded 20 years. Of nonmigrants, 73% drank wine and 88% of these produced all they consumed. They drank wine regularly with the two main meals each day. Some migrants managed a kind of self-sufficiency by home-pressing bulk-purchased grapes, but commoner responses were to purchase beer or wine or to cease drinking a..

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