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A random walk model for the analysis of the isoprenaline-stimulated proliferative response of the rat submaxillary gland.

JL Hopper, JM Radley, GS Hodgson

Cell Tissue Kinet | Published : 1980


In a series of papers, Hodgson, Radley and Koschel have studied the proliferative response of the rat submaxillary gland to the drug isoprenaline. They found that whereas the mitotic activity of the gland is normally very low, a single injection of isoprenaline will stimulate a wave of DNA synthesis and repeated administration at daily intervals, or longer, results in further waves of DNA synthesis. An explanation of these observations was proposed by Radley, Hodgson & Koschel (1976) who introduced the concept that administration of Isoprenaline resulted in a period of enhanced 'biochemical activity' of the cells. In this paper we present a stochastic model, based on a random walk model intr..

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