Conference Proceedings

Twin children in volunteer registries: biases in parental participation and reporting.

DA Hay, C Clifford, P Derrick, J Hopper, B Renard, TM Theobald

Acta Genet Med Gemellol (Roma) | Published : 1990


The biases in voluntary participation by adult twins are well known but less attention has been paid to twin children where parents decide on participation and provide much of the information. Several aspects of reporting including the assessment of zygosity are compared in four large Australian data bases: 1) a nationwide compulsory (and hence representative) survey of literacy and numeracy; 2) a nationwide "Twins in School" survey of parents and teachers of twins run through Education Departments and AMBA, the parents organisation in conjunction with LaTrobe; 3) the LaTrobe Twin Study which is a longitudinal program involving frequent interactions between families and researchers, and 4) t..

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