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High-throughput assays probing protein-RNA interactions of eukaryotic translation initiation factors.

Gabriela Galicia-Vázquez, Lisa Lindqvist, Xiaofeng Wang, Isabelle Harvey, Jing Liu, Jerry Pelletier

Anal Biochem | Published : 2009


Protein-RNA interactions are involved in all facets of RNA biology. The identification of small molecules that selectively block such bimolecular interactions could provide insight into previously unexplored steps of gene regulation. Such is the case for regulation of eukaryotic protein synthesis where interactions between messenger RNA (mRNA) and several eukaryotic initiation factors govern the recruitment of 40S ribosomes (and associated factors) to mRNA templates during the initiation phase. We have designed simple fluorescence polarization-based high-throughput screening assays that query the binding of several translation factors to RNA and found that the mixed inhibitor p-chloromercuri..

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