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Topography, boundary forces, and the Indo-Australian intraplate stress field

DD Coblentz, S Zhou, RR Hillis, RM Richardson, M Sandiford

Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth | Published : 1998


The relative contribution of topographic (e.g., ridge push, continental margins, and elevated continental crust) and plate boundary (e.g., subduction and collisional) forces to the intraplate stress field in the Indo-Australian plate (IAP) is evaluated through a finite element analysis. Two important aspects of the IAP intraplate stress field are highlighted in the present study: (1) if substantial focusing of the ridge push torque occurs along the collisional boundaries (i.e., Himalaya, New Guinea, and New Zealand), many of the first-order features of the observed stress field can be explained without appealing to either subduction or basal drag forces; and (2) it is possible to fit the obs..

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