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A simple parameterization of ice leads in a general circulation model and the sensitivity of climate to change in Antarctic ice concentration

I Simmonds, WF Budd

Annals of Glaciology | Published : 1990


We consider only the case where the sea ice distribution is prescribed (ie not interactive) and the fraction of open water in the ice is also prescribed and set at the same value at all points in the Southern Hemisphere and a different value in the Northern Hemisphere. We assess the sensitivity of the modelled climate to the imposition of a 50% concentration in the winter Antarctic sea ice. Significant warming of up to 6°C takes place in the vicinity of and above the Antarctic sea ice and is associated with significant changes in the zonal wind structure. Very large changes in the sensible heat flux (in excess of 200 Wm-2) are simulated near the coast of Antartica. -from Authors

University of Melbourne Researchers

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