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Tumour cells surviving in vivo cisplatin chemotherapy display elevated c-myc expression

TL Walker, JD White, WJ Esdale, MA Burton, EE DeCruz

British Journal of Cancer | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 1996


The c-myc oncogene has been extensively implicated in cell proliferation, cell differentiation and programmed cell death. Aberrant expression of the c-myc gene product has been observed in a range of tumours and has also been implicated in cisplatin (cis-dichlorodiammineplatinum)-mediated chemoresistance. A solid transplantable tumour model in syngeneic DA rats was subjected to treatment with cisplatin to determine the impact of such therapy on endogenous c-myc gene expression. Serially transplanted tumours were intravenously treated with a single cisplatin dose (1 mg/kg) and c-myc expression analysed 2 and 7 days after treatment. The surviving tumour cells display a significant 2-fold eleva..

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