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Restricted expression of a novel retinoic acid responsive gene during limb bud dorsoventral patterning and endochondral ossification

C Chazaud, P Bouillet, M OuladAbdelghani, P Dolle



Using a differential substractive hybridization cloning procedure we have recently identified Stra6 as a novel retinoic acid-induced gene in murine P19 embryonal carcinoma cells. The putative amino acid sequence of Stra6 shows no similarity with previously characterised proteins. We report here the pattern of expression of Stra6 transcripts during mouse limb development as revealed by in situ hybridization. In 8.5-9.0 days post-coitum (dpc) embryos, Stra6 was expressed in the lateral plate mesenchyme prior to limb bud outgrowth. By 9.5 dpc, expression was restricted to the proximal and dorsal forelimb bud mesoderm. Over the next 2 gestational days, Stra6 expression was specific of the dorsal..

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