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Syngeneic response to SJL follicular center B cell lymphoma (reticular cell sarcoma) cells is primarily in V beta 16 CD4 T cells.

VK Tsiagbe, J Asakawa, A Miranda, RM Sutherland, Y Paterson, GJ Thorbecke

J Immunol | Published : 1993


The growth of SJL B cell lymphomas (RCS, reticulum cell sarcoma) in vivo and in vitro is known to depend on cytokine production by RCS-responsive host CD4+ T cells. The high frequency of RCS responsive cells in normal SJL lymph nodes prompted us to prepare a set of 21 RCS-specific T cell hybridomas. Like normal SJL T cells, these hybridoma cells respond to RCS, but not to normal syngeneic B cells; produce IL-2, IL-4, and IL-5; and promote growth of RCS in gamma-irradiated syngeneic hosts. A superantigen-like stimulation by RCS cells was borne out by the fact that all the RCS-specific hybridomas used V beta 16 in their TCR. RCS cells did not stimulate I-As-restricted, V beta 17a+ KLH-specific..

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