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Cytokine mediated effects in mucosal immunity.

DR Kramer, RM Sutherland, S Bao, AJ Husband

Immunol Cell Biol | Published : 1995


The predominance of IgA antibodies in mucosal sites reflects a combination of high rate IgA isotype switching among precursor cells in induction sites, their selective localization in mucosal effector tissues and vigorous proliferation of these cells after extravasation. Each of these steps leading to IgA expression at the mucosa is under cytokine control. This paper will address the role of cytokines in induction and expression of IgA responses and strategies for manipulating cytokine expression. Therapeutic interventions based on this information may not only lead to improved vaccination responses and correction of immunodeficiencies but also, by invoking the phenomenon of oral tolerance, ..

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