Structure and organization of the bovine oxytocin receptor gene

R Ivell, R Bathgate, W Rust, M Balvers, S Morley, R Ivell (ed.), JA Russell (ed.)

Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology | PLENUM PRESS DIV PLENUM PUBLISHING CORP | Published : 1995


A DNA probe specific for the V and VI transmembrane domains of the bovine oxytocin receptor was initially prepared by reverse transcription PCR, and its structure and specificity confirmed by DNA sequencing. This probe was then used to screen a bovine genomic DNA library in bacteriophage lambda, and three positive clones were purified, subjected to restriction analysis and relevant fragments sequenced. Parallel to this, a cDNA library prepared using bovine endometrial RNA at the time of ovulation was screened by PCR employing the same primers as above. The longest cDNA clone was also fully sequenced. This clone still lacked, however, a substantial stretch of 5'sequence. The full transcript s..

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