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Effects of continuous-wave CO2 laser on the ultrastructure of human dental enamel.

JM Ferreira, J Palamara, PP Phakey, WA Rachinger, HJ Orams

Arch Oral Biol | Published : 1989


Laser-induced changes in plano-parallel sections were examined by light microscopy (LM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and correlated with ultrastructural changes as observed by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). LM and SEM revealed two different changes--extensive crazing, and crazing and cratering. Rough exposed enamel was commonly found, resulting from lifting off and removal of the top layer of crazed, or crazed and cratered, enamel. The type of induced change was mainly dependent on the energy density used (range approximately 0.8 to approximately 200 J cm-2) and on enamel prism orientation. Lased enamel was also softer than unlased enamel. TEM of both crazed enamel and ro..

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