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Regulation of apoptosis in myeloid cells by interferon consensus sequence-binding protein.

L Gabriele, J Phung, J Fukumoto, D Segal, IM Wang, P Giannakakou, NA Giese, K Ozato, HC Morse

J Exp Med | Published : 1999


Mice with a null mutation of the gene encoding interferon consensus sequence-binding protein (ICSBP) develop a disease with marked expansion of granulocytes and macrophages that frequently progresses to a fatal blast crisis, thus resembling human chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML). One important feature of CML is decreased responsiveness of myeloid cells to apoptotic stimuli. Here we show that myeloid cells from mice deficient in ICSBP exhibit reduced spontaneous apoptosis and a significant decrease in sensitivity to apoptosis induced by DNA damage. In contrast, apoptosis in thymocytes from ICSBP-deficient mice is unaffected. We also show that overexpression of ICSBP in the human U937 monocy..

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